Fresh Market


JH Wagenaar is one of the most versatile fruit and vegetable wholesalers in the Netherlands. Through us, fruit and vegetables find their way to buyers across Europe, for which we use expert haulers specially selected for each discipline. Our primary export markets are Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, the UK, Scandinavia and Italy, where JH Wagenaar BV supplies wholesale markets, food processing businesses and the culinary sector. Our core business is supplying the fresh market sector and industry at home and abroad. Our product range covers the entire spectrum of Dutch fruit and vegetables, plus imports during our winter season. JH Wagenaar BV has so many transhipment sites in the Netherlands that our route to the final destination is always the shortest, which helps save costs and preserve the quality of the product. Together with The Greenery, we provide the perfect logistics facilities and developments in terms of packaging. 

Field grow produce from the province of Noord-Holland

In the Netherlands, JH Wagenaar BV is the market leader in the sale of field grow products from Noord-Holland, such as cauliflower, broccoli, iceberg lettuce and Brussels sprouts. These products are also grown outdoors but do not fall into the category of products that are stockpiled (i.e. they are not "brought in" from the land to be sold at a later date). The centre for the supply and transhipment of cauliflower, broccoli and chicory is DC Tolpoort, which is also where our office is.

Stockpiling products


In the fresh market, we also specialise in stockpiling products. These products are usually harvested/cut in large quantities at the end of the season for storage in cold stores, where conditions are optimised for long-term storage (at times when this is no longer possible in the open). JH Wagenaar BV specialises in the storage of cabbage, celeriac, carrots, turnips, beetroot, onions and potatoes.



One of the things in which our fresh market section specialises is the supply to retail and wholesale businesses in the Netherlands, Germany and Eastern Europe. 

Vaalburg celeriac


The celeriac that JH Wagenaar BV sells comes from grower Vaalburg from Zuid-Schermer. Vaalburg washes, cuts and packs it for Wagenaar in a range of containers. Vaalburg's motto is: "a healthy soil means a healthy product." A naturally grown product, with minimal use of pesticides, has a longer shelf life and tastes and looks better. 

Here you can download the Vaalburg Flyer

Opperdoezer Ronde


Another fine product for which JH Wagenaar BV holds the exclusive marketing rights is the Opperdoezer Ronde. This potato is irregular in shape and has deep eyes and a yellowish skin. It is not a pretty potato, but it has an exquisite taste and has been lauded by many chefs. The Opperdoezer Ronde can also be recognised by its thin, delicate skin, which is why it is still largely harvested by hand. Once harvested, the potatoes are graded by size. The entire crop is harvested before the end of August, after which Wagenaar takes care of the sale and distribution. This variety may only be grown in the sandy soil in and around the village of Opperdoes in the province of Noord-Holland. The Opperdoezer Ronde has a BOB status. This ‘Beschermde OorsprongsBenaming’ [protected designation of origin] is a European regulation that protects regional products against counterfeiting. 

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